Prof. Shahani wins NSF CAREER award

Shahani’s proposal "Microstructure Formation in Chemically-Modified Eutectics: Bridging Real-Time Imaging, Machine Learning, and Problem-Based Instruction” has been selected by the National Science Foundation Division of Materials Research (NSF DMR) to receive an award from the Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER). CAREER recognizes junior faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education.

Prof. Shahani’s research is in the field of eutectic solidification. As he explains, “Most of our theories in binary eutectic solidification rely on simple two-component systems, such as aluminum (Al)-silicon (Si) alloys. How do we generalize microstructure formation to multicomponent systems? The goal of this research project is to bring us closer to understanding alloys of technological importance which involve a cocktail of metallic elements beyond Al and Si.” With the NSF CAREER Award, Shahani can now hire more students at the Ph.D. level to carry out the research. The award also supports the development of an outreach solidification science program dedicated to engaging underrepresented middle school students, in partnership with the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP).

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Profs. Shahani and Glotzer win DOE award

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Profs. Ashwin Shahani (PI) and Sharon Glotzer (co-PI) have received a $550K grant from the Department of Energy to develop a highly coordinated and collaborative program aimed at understanding the growth of quasicrystals from a liquid.  To do so, the team will bridge emergent research in structural characterization ( situ X-ray and electron based imaging) and molecular simulations.  Because short-range icosahedral order is ubiquitous in nature, the project is expect to have immediate and profound impact on the field of synthesis and processing science.  The team is thrilled to begin work on this three-year project!